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Nokia 3 - Wifi Calling - 4G Battery drain

I represent a housing association is South West England - we have deployed around 38 Nokia 3's running Android 7.

We’ve discovered an issue with Nokia 3 phones relating to battery life, that to us, seems like a bug.


We’ve been using the phones with 4G and in particular Wifi calling – as EE support this on the Nokia 3.


After deployment, we started getting a lot of reports of poor battery life that didn’t seem consistent with our testing – people were reporting batteries lasting less than 12 hours. So after a bit of testing we found:


- If 4G/Wifi/Wifi Calling is on and connected to a Wifi access point – battery seems to last a day or so


- If 4G is on, Wifi on but not connected and Wifi calling is off – battery lasts as above.


- If 4G is on, wifi is on but not connected and wifi calling is enabled – battery lasts 10-12 hours


- If we switch to 3G, wifi on but not connected with wifi calling enabled – battery life if restored to a day or so.


As we need Wifi calling, the only solution seems to be that we disable 4G. Otherwise people have to keep enabling and disabling Wifi calling when 4G is on.


This would seem a workaround, but people are finding poor call quality in one of our main buildings on wifi calling where there is no mobile signal.


EE said that we were getting poor wifi calling quality because we had disabled 4G and enabled 3G (which didn’t make a lot of sense to me, as the point of wifi calling is presumably where there is no 3G or 4G)


This issue seems to be consistent across all the Nokia 3 phones. Is this performance expected? 

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My nokia 3 4g data connection is always on. Battery lasts between 10-13 hours with SOT of 4-5 hours.
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