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I recently bought the Nokia 3 in November 2017 which seemed to be working fine from the beginning. A month later the screen would not switch on. The phone was definitely on however the screen would not switch on for almost 5 hours. This problem persisted almost every week. At one point it stopped giving me problems for at least three weeks, little did i know that the issue was not resolved.  3 months after the purchase date i experienced the same problem again only this time it was much worse. I am currently stuck with a phone that has not switched on for 4days. 

Nokia has to do something about this as this reflects horribly on the image of the brand. the fact that Nokia users went against all other major brands on the market like Samsung, which has never given me a problem, and bought Nokia phones automatically entitles us to value for money. 

Despite customers complaining online, Nokia has still not addressed this issue which says a lot about what their customers mean to them. This is beyond ridiculous. 

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You can do a soft reset by pressing and holding down the volume up and power button until "Powered by Android" logo appears. After this process make sure to update your phone by going to settings→about phone→system update→check for update→download→restart and install
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