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Wifi alerts (I assume) came back after Oreo update

I managed to disable pointless "lost wifi/connected to wifi" alerts before switching to Oreo, but after updating the OS, these annoying beeps are back and I just can't seem to be able to locate where to turn them off.

Even in the system alerts settings, everything appears to be off.

As a result, every time I walk out or back into my apt, I get three "SMS alert" sounds.  No popups, nothing on the alert list, but the only reasonable explanation is that walking away from my home network and back to it somehow triggers these.

Did a search on the forum, did not seem to resolve anything.

I'm using VPN all the time, but all alert settings for VPN are off in the settings.

Natural request to SW developers is that the OS update should not change any settings that are in force.

Otherwise, my Nokia 5 has been a fairly problem-free experience so far. Thanks for reviving the brand.

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