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Nokia windows phone

Dear Nokia please launch some phones with windows platform.. Your windows phone is such a great phone I love it

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This is extremely unlikely to happen. Microsoft have essentially pulled out of the phone market, and have stopped developing the software platform. MS killed off the original Nokia phone business as part of that. The new Nokia phone business, run by HMD, most likely does not have any of the intellectual property from the original business, i.e. they don't have any of the hardware and software from the period where MS were in control. Windows Phone / Windows Mobile looks very much like a dead or dying platform at present.

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I love windows phone ,Do not care about the background, also will not crash, with the Android will have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and constantly kill the backstage, cleaning up the rubbish, it is a pity so good system, it's easier than Android and iOS ,but no new update phone now.
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