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No Led Notification for 749euro Nokia 8 sirocco

No Led Notification for 749euro Nokia 8 sirocco is this a joke nokia

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Well.. Because Sirocco is a half measure product. Personally I'll aim for 7 plus. At least it's not overpriced. 

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I agree with last speaker. 7+ is much more pleasing to me as well EXCEPT the cpu. 7+ advantages where durability ranks in top in my book: - aluminum back with 7 layer ceramic paint (will be interesting to see how it stacks up to jerryrigseverything's durability test hehe) and likely just as solid as jerrys most durable phone pick of the year 2017 the Nokia 6. - SD CARD SLOT - HEAD PHONE JACK (mandatory for a lot of peripherals not only music) - high resolution front camera vs sirocco - PRICE Pros sirocco - cpu - gpu -?OIS? Rear camera? - anything else I missed?

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If i was in the market for a phone at the minute the 7+ is what i'd go for as well, the N8S seems over priced and rushed to market just to get on the look no bezel bandwagon.

The processor in the 7 Plus wouldn't bother me, my Moto G5 Plus only has a Snapdragon 625 and it never feels anything other than fast and fluid so the 660 should be absolutely fine.

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It is strange how people say that the phone is overpriced, when the whole point here is the build quality and design. 

It is the same like saying that a painting, being made out of a hundred grams of oil paint, canvas and a wooden frame should cost 20 EUR.

This is Sirocco, and it is not a phone for everyone. You get the feel, the feeling and the exclusivity. 

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It is strange that a 749 Euro Sirocco do not have LED notification,that's what Nokia has to think what customer needs,me as a customer need premium quality phone with atleast basic features and glance screen is not at all visible.thats my point.
Ritzar Sirocco is made out of 95% glass. That is not related to build quality only design. It is also missing some basic features of a flag ship device like - OIS on rear cameras and - the front camera is now only 5mpix (where old 8 was 13 and 7+ is 14 if i remember right) I hope it is a very good 5 mpix unit though since it seems odd to put an inferior camera on their flag ship) And to me it's crazy to remove head phone jack and sd card slot. I guess they did it to be able to manage ip67, but then it does not make sense since Samsung had ip68 with both sd and jack... And everyone needs jack (as jerryrigs says lol)


In all the announcements and presentations of the Sirocco, i never heard Nokia Mobile folks to say that this is a flagship?

What they say is that this is an "Extraordinary phone". Means out of the ordinary. 

I remember the Vertu, that were basically Nokia models, costing some of them more than 20 Nokia phones ;)

I personally would like to know how people think possible a headset jack on that stainless steel frame that is made for the phone to be robust? The jack would simply interrupt the frame and we'd have a bending phone.

From a personal point of view, I do believe that putting zillions of pixels on the selfie cameras is useless. Who really needs that much resolution for face capturing? But that's my personal opinion (and I am not defending the decision to downgrade the camera here).

BTW, I do consider making a device almost entirely of glass, with a steel frame requires a lot of quality in the build.

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No LED as well? OK, so let's make a list of the things the 8 Sirocco DOESN'T have:

- current flagship processor

- microSD slot


- headphone jack

- LED light

- Dedicated camera button

All of these compromises and they ask 750€ for it? They must be crazy. If you hand in an S7 in Europe, Samsung will sell you the S9 for under 600€. Do they REALLY think this phone stands a chance against the S9?

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Handing in a phone is a partial payment so that is not a good comparison. You might as well say that if i sell an s7 for 400$ on ebay i only need to pay 500$ for the s9. Wrong. Thr price of the s9 is what it is and you can only compare list prices until both phones are available. Th sirocco will likely beat the s9 at many points (bu we will see) like: - robustness - balance in hand - GPS tracking - audio quality (ozo) - design - fingerprint scanner placement But the spec race will be won by s9 easy

"You might as well say that if i sell an s7 for 400$ on ebay i only need to pay 500$ for the s9."

Well, first of all, you won't be able to sell an S7 on eBay for that.

Then you're completely missing the point here: if someone is buying a new phone, they won't be using the old one. And if a company is offering the option to hand-in your own phone and get a significant discount on the new one without you having to bother with the burdens of selling online the phone yourself, MANY people will take that chance.

And many people ARE taking that chance, by the way. 

Now..."Thr price of the s9 is what it is and you can only compare list prices until both phones are available."

The S9 is listed for 850€. The Nokia 8 Sirocco for 750€.

The Sirocco is 100€ cheaper. 

That will always be the case on launch, if you decide to pay full price for the S9 instead of trading-in your old phone (truth be told, the trade in program is only truly appealing to people already using a Galaxy or an iPhone, as all other brands have their phones valuing almost nothing and Nokias aren't even elegible to trade in).

"Th sirocco will likely beat the s9 at many points (bu we will see) like: - robustness - balance in hand - GPS tracking - audio quality (ozo) - design - fingerprint scanner placement"

In robustness...I don't know. The metal frame on the sirocco is surely stronger. But the rest is the same. Both phones come with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Balance in hand we'll have to see. The Sirocco DOES have the advantage of being a smaller phone (albeit wider).

GPS tracking I won't comment as I never use GPS on a phone (it's built-in in my cars anyway).

Audio quality...well, the Nokia 8 has pretty terrible audio quality to be honest. It's strident and too high pitched. I was quite disappointed, actually. So I don't expect the Sirocco to fare any better. I haven't tested the audio quality of the S9 yet though.

The S9 does have dual speakers though, while the Sirocco keeps only a bottom firing one.

The fingerprint scanner is in the same place on both phones - the back. So it's pretty much the same thing (and I hate that placement anyway so it's zero points for both phones from my part lol).

The 8 Sirocco can't compete with the S9. It'll at best compete with last years S8. And even there, it'll face a though time because of the higher price and all the things HMD senselessly removed.

The Nokia 7 Plus stands a better chance of swaying people away from buying an flagship from last year than the Sirocco. It's the more compelling offering.

But no current HMD offering has any chance against the S9. We must honest and accept the facts. HMD messed up again with the Sirocco, just like they did with the Nokia 8.

All we can hope for is that whatever they're working on now - Nokia 9 or 8 Pro or 10 or whatever - isn't so misguided as the Sirocco was and addresses the serious lack of vision they displayed when it comes to a flagship device.

I'm sorry, how exactly did HMD mess it up with nokia 8? For my needs it's best price/performance phone. 

And I don't se 8 sirocco as a flagship or a competition to S9 or any other device. I see it in its own league, same as 8800 sirocco was. Different. And I like it.

It doesn't have 845, but guess what? A lot of people actually doesn't care about that, as long as it's fast and snappy. 

Anyhow, reviews and sales numbers will soon tell what's what. 

I don't worry about 835 and 845 snapdragons. They are almost equal for me. But what matters is , the phone priced at this range and lacks OIS* . When you capture a video or photo , and it's blurred out completely, what is the feeling of having such an expensive phone ?. I truly value building quality and design. And Android one. Camera being good without OIS is bad.
And @ all don't forget NO BOOTLOADER UNLOCK ON ALL NOKIA DEVICES! If I buy I want to do, what I want! Is is mine!
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