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Oreo 8.1 for Singapore TA-1004?

Any Singapore users here? Is the update available?

I've checked for updates a number of times, but no updates are available.


TA 1004 no 8.1 stable update yet.. as per nokia support, they says its based on country and carrier to release update. but, according to other users worldwide, nokia holds the stable update as it was buggy. we may get he update along with march security update. i'm from SG and still on beta 8.1.. jan 1st security update.. 

Oh... I see. Hopefully the bugs are resolved soon.

i've got the March security update but still no Android 8.1.

Same here. I wonder if it's still buggy and waiting for the bugs to be ironed out.

No update for me yet in SG.. i am using singtel..just did a hard reset. but no use.. have to wait a bit longer i guess. still on beta 8.1

I am using a Nokia 8 was bought from Vietnam. When I was in Vietnam I used Vietnamese SIM card. In Vietnamese, I didn't receive Android 8.1 update. Until I came to South Korea, I inserted Korean SIM card then I got Android 8.1 update. I don't know exactly how can my phone get Android 8.1 update. The time I checked update in South Korea is just after Vietnam 1 day.   

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