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After the oreo update, the device consumes more batteries.Will they solve this with an update?Before the update,I didn't have any recharges in sleep when I wake up in the morning I see around 5% of my charge.Does anyone complain about this?

Tech Wizard

Is that 5% power drain overnight, or 5% remaining power in the morning?

The power drain in Do Not Disturb mode on my TA-1021 is ~ 0.5 - 1% per hour overnight. That's with no use, sitting on the table, in good 4G coverage, Bluetooth, location, WiFi, NFC all on, and default settings for all apps.

The battery time in my 'normal use' has improved slightly since Oreo, but I still recharge at least every 2 days (usually with more than 30% remaining).

There are lots of complaints regarding battery, camera, music playback stopping etc. That is the nature of an Internet support forum!

If the phone does not work as expected then maybe consider back up all, perform a factory reset, and set up the phone fresh?


that 5% power drain overnight and only wifi on,Before the update in this case, my battery never ran out.

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