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Wifi Calling option on Nokia 3 with Oreo Beta

I've upgraded my phone to Oreo Beta from 7.1.1 - I had Wifi Calling enabled during the upgrade - so it's still active, but I don't see any option to turn it off/on in the settings now??

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Didn't you answer your question yourself? I see user1519809336863 in the answer you are looking for.

Send regarding this via the feedback app

I have done this - just wondering if I've missed something,.


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Tech Wizard

Good to know so many people are actively participating on the beta labs.

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Surprised no-one knew this - even Nokia??

I found it under the phone app - three dots at the top, settings, Calls, Wifi-Calling.

NOT Obvious to find.

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I still don't see thwt

What do you see?

Call history,settings,help and feedback

yes - so then go to settings, calls, 

Tech Wizard

I can't find it.
There is nothing such as calls in setting of the phone app

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Tech Wizard

There is no calls option in setting. There is calling accounts and many others but no calls.

Tech Wizard

Wifi calling is carrier dependent isn't it?

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Possibly - EE (UK) support it.

See video below where I show how I do it:

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In help and feedback of the phone app Google has said that if the option is not there the carrier isn't supporting

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