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Nokia 8 Sirocco is not a Dual SIM phone? :(




As far as i know it has hybrid dual sim slot mate.

Hybrid dual SIM? Where did you read that?

On Nokia's spec page it does not even say SD card slot, so either they forgot it they ditched both SD-slot and head phone jack. 

If that's true, sirocco is a mistake (going the Apple way ain't never gonna sell on android, aka removing useful features like removable SD for snappy transfers to pc via pci-e SD-card reader or Usb3 (maxed speed) reader). 

Lets just hope the file transfer sirocco supports is the snappy version (ie usb3 supports it and internal hardware supports it) or people are gonna experience the (iphone style) night mare of transferring 60Gb movie data in roughly half a day .

Ia have done it at work with my mandatory (horrible) iPhone7+. I will NEVER buy a phone without sd-card after that :)

Hi Boogieman. My bad Sirocco comes without hybrid sim slot but 6/7+ does. Internal storage sound about right provided with unlimited cloud storage but like you said it depends of transfer speed. I doubt it will go full USB 3.1 speed but shouldn't be bad as well. IPhone 7 doesn't have nothing close to usb c it doesn't even support quick charge so it means something. Im not aiming for Sirocco anyway but 7+ with same camera stunning look and £349 a price tag?
I agree on phone choice. Sirocco is a phone for previous iphone users that don't mind abscene of head phone jack, sd card slot and the less robust glass design. For me the 7+ has a lot to go for it but i miss OIS (NOT EVEN sirocco has that..crazy) Wireless charging IP68 But i think as the ole nokia 8 drop in price inwill pick up thr copper variant for about the same money as 7+
According to gsmarena, Nokia 8 sirrocco has an option dual sim card or memory card

acoording to official documentation found on nokia.com nokia 8 sirocco will not be available in dual sim configuration. There are two variants of nokia 8 sirocco, one for China and one for ROW (Rest Of The World) both only available in single sim configuration. Nokia 8 Sirocco is a premium looking device so it is natural it will follow the same approach as apple iphones (I mean no iphone has ever been released in dual sim configuration) due to the kind of customer they are aimed to are different from mainstream devices....nokia 8 sirocco is highly appealing to people who cares more about luxury over technical specs...that is the reason only single sim nokia 8 sirocco is available. Lets hope nokia 9 will finally fill that gap

If that's true, sirocco is a mistake (going the Apple way ain't never gonna sell on android, aka removing useful features like removable SD for snappy transfers to pc via pci-e SD-card reader or Usb3 

Implementing dual SIM option or not has nothing to do with target market (luxury or not). People who want luxury might want dual SIM phone too, because they travel between different countries, need to maximize the coverage in their home country by going with two carriers or what one device for business / private number.

The issue here is that carriers would hate to enter fair competition. Carriers want to lock you into their service exclusively. Especially if they are giving you the phone as part of the contract.

Most sales of the premium phones in the developed world are through the carrier contracts, so carriers are defining the requirements. And their requirement is that there must be no dual SIM option.

Now, in my opinion, when nokia came up with sirocco, they had no clue if it would sell in the developed world countries through the carries (largest market, but very hard to break through), or they would have to sell into developing world countries where dual SIM is a requirement.

I guess it has worked out for Nokia and they managed to break in the market of selling into the first world countries with carriers contract (at least I can see it on offer here - in Australia), and now quickly removing the dual SIM option like it never existed.

May I ask to comment anyone who has a dual SIM sirocco to drop a note here?

I wonder if a single SIM version can be upgrades to dual SIM with just a simple tray replacement?

My 2 cents.

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