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I cannot hear caller voice untill I turn on speaker

Hi all , I am facing issue in my handset when when any call comes or if I calls to someone I cannot hear caller voice untill I turn on speaker. I tried hard reset but no help.. currently android version on my handset is Oreo 8.0

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Hi.i am having the same issues with my Nokia 6.1 have found a fix?
I'm also facing the same problem after Oreo update. When reducing the music volume the the ringtone volume also reduces automatically inspire of showing the volume level full and I'm unable to attend the call many times. Kindly anyone help to resolve this issue.
reset the phone to the factory settings that will take care of the problem . Nokia 6 has a sound bug in Oreo still have not been fixed by HMD global may be in future updates it will be fixed.
Thank you.. I've only own the Nokia 6.1 for 24 days. I have done a factory restart twice still same problem,and deleted most of my apps. thank you for informing me about the problem.
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