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Nokia 1 compatible with Treble project


I would like to know if Nokia 1 will be compatible with Treble project ?

Thank you for your answer !

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Every phone released with Oreo is required to support Treble, so yes.

I think Nokia 1 will not be compatible to project treble even though it is android oreo

@abudheruwais, could you explain why you are saying that ? Any argument ?

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Ya,I asked Nokia support about this and they said currently no Nokia smart devices are compatible with Project treble.And it was said that project treble is for device which are not pure android

I am a little bit surprised about your answer.

I read that all Nokia launched with Android 7.0 won't be updated to Android 8.0 "treble" version, cause of risk of brick if using OTA.

So abudheruwais, as you said, Nokia 2 to 8 are not "treble" compliant.

But Nokia 1 is launched with Android 8.1, so it can already be partitioned to be Treble compliant.

I cannot find any confirmation about it. If anyone finds it, it would be great.

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