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Nokia 3 Oreo Problems

After Oreo beta update Nokia 3 performance is much improved. smoothest ever. Amazing smooth ui. but there is some bug's in this beta update. There is a camera bug present in nokia 3. when i play a video on Instagram there is annoying glitch. And when i plug earphone there is no symbol in notification bar.

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I'm having the same problem with my phone, i thought the Instagram glitch was a poorly developed feature of the app or something.

But the most annoying problem is when I plug in my phone to charge. By default I expect the screen to light up and show that's it charging. Instead with my phone it switches off and this isn't the normal way you see the Nokia logo or something when it shuts down. It out-rightly goes off. Like someone pulled out the power cable to the tv and it takes 20 or so minutes before it boots up again.

Overall the UI is amazing together with the experience. But please do find a fix for these bugs.

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@user1526104851817 The charging issue happened to me too but now it doesn't happen to me.Try not to put your phone to charge when the phones chsrge is below 20% with phones temperature is high.Hope this helps but this worked for me.I think the device restarts because if charging protection due to high temperature.

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