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Sirocco spec incomplete on nokias page

- SD card slot? Max memory? - Dual sim slot? Hybrid or true dual? - OIS rear camera. On one or both? - Front camera? OIS? (and why 5Mpix when 7+ and old 8 has better resolution? Mega pixels?) - USB OTG? - MHL? - USB-C support (transfer speed? which features ac to USB3 list?) I could go on for ages, but it's better that Nokia goes through their spec and completes it. If you don't want to show everything at once, then add a "expand advanced spec" button for Android tech people (which is very common, Android is about the details that makes it miles better than ios and WP, so why omit it?)

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SD card slot - No

Max memory - 128GB

OIS on rear camera - No

OIS on front camera - No

Yeah. HMD is actually asking 750€ for a phone with last years processor, no OIS on the cameras, no microSD expansion, no headphone jack, no dedicated camera button, no software customization that makes it better than any other stock Android phone...nothing.

I couldn't believe it myself.

Worse, I couldn't believe Nokia itself allowed them to slap the Nokia brand on such a phone.

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