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Still no Oreo update TA-1000

Good day, I have the next problem: if i click "update" in "Software update" section (Which is in the settings) information dialog window appears with text "No newer update is available". Still have Android 7.1.1. . Is there are any way to install Oreo on my device? P.s. I have tried to do it with beta labs, but I got message that my phone isn't supported

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Andere still No andere after 3 montags ...
if you are in april update of 2017 then you neef to install original firmware to get updates . if you are in january update of 2018 which means the last update of nougat then you need to install oreo manually by downloading zip file and move it to sd card and start installing it by going to recovery .

I'm in update status  Android 7.1.1 (May 1st 2017). I guess that's what you meant by status April 2017, right?

How can I roll back to original firmware? The current version was installed when I bought this device ...

By the way, betalab replies with "Sorry, it looks like beta labs isn't currently supported on your phone" ...

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