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Unregister from beta labs

How do I unregister from beta Labs? What will be the consequences?

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Tech Wizard

Do you want just to unregister or Roll back? I think you have to Roll back to unregister from beta labs. 

And you know the consequence of Roll back that it will erase all your data.

Tech Wizard

By the way why do you want to unregister we need more sensible people like you to find more bugs on the beta update. :)

Oh I get it.
If beta 2 becomes available will it be associated with my google account or IMEI no.

Tech Wizard

Yes of course it will be associated with your google account or IMEI no. as long as you are registered to their program.

What exactly google account or IMEI no.?

Tech Wizard

The google account and IMEI no. that you used to get the beta update. 

Is it any update on nokia 6 regarding dolby atmos on oreo release?

Tech Wizard

Don't know I'm a Nokia 3 User. Maybe you should ask on Nokia 6 section. Thank you.
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