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A possible solution for those who are waiting for 8.1 uodate

The only reason you haven't got the 8.1 beta or the final version of Android is that your signal providers have blocked the update for some reaain. I have been trying all the possible ways to get the 8.1 update for weeks since it came out. I find a possible solution which is working for me. I updated my TA1052 with Vodafone AU today by using a sim card from another provider and then I took out the sim card and running update with no sim card at all. The magic is that my device detected 8.1 update and successfully updated. You guys can try it out by swapping to a sim card from other providers or simply take out the sim for the update. Good luck.

Yes I have just tried this and it worked successfully Thank you.. I exchanged my BT sim for an expired Vodafone sim as the upgrade kicked off straight away. This makes no sense at all as I was able to upgrade from Nougat to beta 8.0, Stable 8.0 and beta 8.1 without issue. HMD need to look at their roll -out process to avoid customers experiencing difficulty in future.
I've just put an inactive Vodafone UK SIM in, taking our my UK plusnet SIM (on the EE network) and update now downloading! A phone bought SIM free shouldn't get locked down.

Just tried what you suggested, it didn't work for me.. considering the amount of ppl out there still waiting for 8.1 I wonder if HMD have paused the release for some reason

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