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Nokia 5 unstable Wi-Fi, sometimes pauses data downloading and continues after a while

It seems that sometimes it just stops loading something over the internet. I haven't noticed it on my old phone, and overall Nokia 5 is faster when it works, but when these gaps of not downloading occur it's very annoying. I noticed it first in Google Wallpapers app, sometimes when I'm browsing different images, I go into single image and there's blurry background and there's loading animation, sometimes it takes just half a second, but sometimes t can take 10 or more. It's so weird that simple wallpapers app would work so inconsistently. Another instance downloading some big game from Play store, and couple time I tried it it stopped in the middle of downloading, stayed like that for maybe half a minute or more (not sure how long exactly) and then continued. My old phone downloaded same games without stopping, even though overall it took longer, so this is not speed issue, but instability.
Anyone else is having this problem? Should I return the phone? I bought it only couple days ago.

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