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Mirror link connectivity

When I bought this Nokia 5, I was expecting not to be a top of the line phone, but I was hoping it would have some connectivity to most of the car infotainment unit. To my discontent I found that this phone doesn't support Android Auto (the only way to get it is outside the Playstore) neither has mirror link connectivity. I bought recently a car (Auris with Touch Go 2 head unit) that supports mirror link and I was just sad and a little bit mad when I found out that the only to connect my Nokia 5 with the head unit was through Bluetooth and it doesn't allow me to search music either. For a 220€ phone I was expecting more from it. In conclusion, I don't know if many more people need the mirror link but I should hope HMD/Nokia consider to add mirror link connectivity to their phones since from what I learned it's not that hard to add it and is just a simple software modification.
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