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Nokia 130 (2017) EXACT image formats support???

Hello everyone. Just stumbled across a problem on my Nokia 130 (2017). I couldn't open LOTS of images I sent from my laptop to my phone using Bluetooth. I have got REALLY frustrated about this problem, partly because I CAN'T find any informations about the exact file formats this phone supports, espcially for images and videos. I try to look at the image details on my laptop to see if anything is messing up but I still CAN'T find the triggers. I hope you guys can help me, because this problem is also present in the 130 Classic with the video player, also I hope Nokia will fix this ASAP. 

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Hi user, Hight quality videos and images aren't supported by Nokia 3 it was be due to this.And the resolution of the images and videos might be not supported by Nokia 3.Try lower resolution images and videos which may work.I think this would have helped you with your problem
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