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$36.57 to $5.77

That's the store of my Nokia stock. I bought 1000 shares at $36.57 on January 8, 2008 (It was the leading cellphone at that time. Remember?), and now it's selling for $5.77. I had  been thinking of selling and forgetting it when I learned only today that Nokia is back in the phone business. Well, that was news to me. I had thought that they had parted ways from this product long, long ago. Anyway, I'm now going to hold on to it for a little longer with the hope that my loss might yet be reduced. Go Nokia, YAY!!!

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These new Nokia phones are made by HMD who have a licence to use the Nokia brand. The success of HMD will not directly affect the value of Nokia, but it may have an indirect impact.

AFAIK shares in HMD are not available to buy publicly.

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