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Device going to switch off mode when charger connected

Occasionally when charger connected mobile will get switched off. Once its switched off we can't power it on manually again. If keep charging for 3 to 5 minutes automatically device will power. What is cause for this? This happened multiple times for me.

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Yeah it happened for me too. tell me which operating system are you running on is it Oreo beta or nougat 7.1.1? because I haven't experienced this problem on Oreo beta.

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Do you push the power button (turn the screen off) before you connect the charger? It used to happen to me a lot, nearly every 3 days or so. I would always turn the screen off before connecting the charger and the phone would turn off. Nokia support was no help, apparently I was the first they heard of this issue. Anyway, I had an idea to keep the screen on when connecting the charger and it hasn't shut down since. Been doing it for 2 weeks so far.

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Os version 7.1.1
I'm experiencing this in the Oreo beta too
Well.. i thought this was only with me.. but i think its happening with other users too.. This problem exists from 7.1.1 .. when charger connected it goes dead for few minutes.. well, to avoid this i always connect charger while screen on.. But i didn't experienced this problem much in oreo build. But yes it happened in oreo build too. With me. . 2-3 times.. Its very annoying.. i hope they fix it.
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