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Removal of cache memory

How to remove cache memory in Android 8 on Nokia 3?? Anyone please tell me

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To cleare the cache: activate developer option, unlock OEM, shutdown your phone, press volume up and power (to enter in Recovery / Fastboot mode), select "wipe cache partition", select "reboot system now" ... et voila.
Android Oreo automatically clears cache but not all cache this is how it is designed.This is what I learnt from post of android oreo
I can't seem to get to the bootloader even with the OEM set to on within the Dev options. The only thing that appears is a message saying to release the power button with a 10 second countdown to switch off.

'Android user' you must  use the charger conected to your phone during Recovery / Fastboot.

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Tech Wizard

Yes @ilcp is right you must use a charger.
Putting the phone on charge doesn't help. I power off the phone. Hold power and up volume. The phone vibrates then a message ' please release key to power off'. The fastboot.... message did appear at the bottom of the screen after several attempts but nothing else happens.

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Have you tried watching some youtube videos on it. Just do exactly what they do. I also find it hard to get to recovery mode. I only get there in few attempts.
Oh, so keep holding the power and volume up after that message appears. Strange. But it works.

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Actually it doesn't work. The no command message appears. Too easy to soft brick the phone while holding power and volume down.

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Yup i also suffered from no command but i eventually got to the recovery after few tries and I'm still confused about the right way to get to the recovery mode.
Press power and volume up when the android and no command screen appears. Don't hold just press. The recover screen will appear. There is a graphics test option on it which tries to install an update. No idea if it does or not. Never seen that option in recover before.

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Tech Wizard

So did you install the update?

Tech Wizard

Thanks for the info.
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