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Data cables for 3310(2017)

Does the 3310(2017) need a specific data cable? I am trying to backup/synch my phone to a Windows PC using Nokia PC Suite. I have tried using a standard generic charging/data cable from my Android tablet, but I cannot get connected to the PC. PC Suite just says there is no connection available.

Help please!


Is your version 2G or 3G? Anyway, Nokia PC Suite is really, really old software (or are you talking about Nokia Suite, it's old software too) and it was designed for Series 40/60 phones. The 3310 2G runs Series S30+ and can only act as a USB (1.1?) device. I don't know about the 3G version but it doesn't run S40/S60.

Both of these phones can create backups to the SD card. Follow these links for details:

My suggestion is to buy another phone if you want PC backup or synchronisation. Of course, the option to use your phone as a USB device is still there, so you can still transfer files, but it hardly counts as "synchronisation", isn't it?

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Thanks for that - most helpful! It's actually my wife's phone - I've been trying to persuade her to a more modern phone, but she's rather techno-phobic, and loved the original 3310, which is why I got her the re-launched one. It's the 2G version of course...

I'll look at copying the backup from the SD card to the PC via USB connection.

Thanks again.

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