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Apps closing in background problem

Hi. Does anyone here doesn't have this problem?  It always gets to a point where phone can't keep any apps in background and you need to restart it.. I feel that we need to keep bringing this subject up in the forums so Nokia/HMD actually do something about it..

It happened again. Apps won't stay open in background. Would be nice if someone from Nokia/HMD could pronounce over this or inform if there will be a fix on future update.

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Yeah, noticed this problem today. Probably one of the reasons why it didn't feel right, the whole time since I got it, but I couldn't point the finger to what's wrong. Since this problem is happening for so long now, I'm worried, I might try to return the phone, especially since this is not the only problem.

And the question is, who's fault it is? Is it Nokia (HMD) or Google? It would make sense that hardware manufacturer should not have to take care of software, if Google made the mistake shouldn't they be responsible?

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