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When Oreo Update TA-1041 ?

 When Oreo Update TA-1041 ?

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Same question - when is the Oreo update for TA-1041 going to be released?

they announced the update but still we got none .. why is that


@user1522253553478 If you're running a stock Android ROM on your Nokia 7, then it is not official and no longer maintained. If you need the latest software, then you need to revert to the China specific ROM for the device as the device is exclusively sold in China only.

@singhnsk my phone is imported from china. When i first opened it. It was stuck on the startup wizard. I rebooted it and the language changed to Chinese. If you dont mind. Do you have any links to the original rom from china ?

How to revert to Chinese ROM?


You will need to visit Nokia Care or take help of somebody who has access to Nokia Care tools to flash your phone with the factory software.

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