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Issues with nokia 8

I have been experiencing this problem since the first day of my usage.At first i thought it was my WiFi's problem.Later i started noticing it that my other gadgets doesn't have a similar problem.Moreover the uploading speed such as sharing Photos and videos in Whatsapp and Instagram is painful.I have to resend videos and photos most of the time in Whatsapp as it stops in middle of the process.And the other problems that i noticed is that the instagram whatsapp apps crash, camera app crashes sometime, the bokeh doesn't work perfectly(it doesn't work at all) and after editing the photos the photos take a lot of time to save when the wifi or internet connection is on.I hope all these problems will be solved. 

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Similar issues here although somewhat different. Yesterday I took some photos of my team after they won the Grand Final (tennis). Beautiful pics, very high quality, BUT they are not recognised (and therefore do not display) anywhere except in the Camera app. Gallery, Google drive, OneDrive & Bluetooth direct to my notebook all show the files but all day they are to big or corrupted. My teammates are waiting for their pics so I had to resort to displaying them in the camera app & taking pics of the pics with my old Lumia 930. Very disappointed in this phone's performance.
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