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DOLBY ATMOS problems on Android Oreo stable update

Hi Nokia, Below I am posting procedure on how to look at Dolby Atmos problems on Nokia 6 after Oreo update 1.Keep volume as low as possible and then listen to the sound which gets distorted,noisy and sometimes silent (This is just show you people where problem comes) 2.This problem accurs in both music and movie mode. 3.when Dolby Atmos is turned off ,the distortion is completely gone but sound output is very less after turning off. nougat had best clarity with zero noise and excellent surround sound,but with Oreo Dolby Atmos lost its magic on Nokia 6. 5.I hope someone at Nokia read my review and solve this serious issue as soon as possible. Untill then I am going back to nougat 7.1.2 For those who are having Dolby issues just go to Nokia care centre,they will revert back to Nougat free of cost(purchase bill to be shown for warranty purpose). But someone please answer for dolby Atmos problems.

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I have the same problem with dolby if i ask nokia to revert my phone back to nougat, 

the camera app will be the old one or that from Oreo? 

Actually even if the Dolby is off, you can still hear a little hissing sound, just less severe but it is there, so this is definitely not dolby problem but some kind of bug. I once ask the live chat in the support app, they say 'our department know it', I think we say wait for March update and see what happens then.

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Yes If you downgrade to Nougat Rom you get old camera app (Not the New one from Oreo).From my liking Nougat rom had punchy colors for the Display and also had Cleaner but not louder dolby atmos.Its your Choice.But Audio quality on oreo is bad which irritates me a lot.

Today I downgraded my Nokia 6 to nougat 7.1.2 with october 2017 patch. From my usage the sound noise is also present even in nougat ROM but it is very minimal when compared to sound on Oreo.Hope Nokia fix these issues soon and provide us clean audio output.
Chethan, how you downgrade to nougat?

Clethan, I have experienced exactly the same problem as you. After the February update, it has not been better, I even feel it gets worse. My only way is hoping the forthcoming update can fix this bug, I dont want to downgrade to the Nougat.

Just visit Nokia care centre ask them to downgrade to Android nougat.I got Android 7.1.2 with october 2017 security patch after downgrade.They will do it free of cost if there is warranty for the device.
After that just pause the system update immediately as soon as you connect to wifi if it's showing Oreo update is downloading so that you can avoid upgrading to Oreo again.

I also have a hiss even without Dolby, especially in the top dynamics. When they solve this problem, who can say?

I asked the support chat for a second time. This time their reply seems pretty assurance as they said they are very aware of this audio ssue being posted a lot in this forum, and also they promised to fix the problem as soon as possible. Let's wait for April update to see if they are really determined to fix it.

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