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camera at night

i would like to recommend an update for a camera update at night for nokia 8 it really delays clicking a picture at night looking for an update

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It does that is because it is night funnily enough. The aperture of the human eye (f2.1) is very close to the Nokia 8 camera (f2) and how easy do you find it to focus and see things if you walk in to dark room from a brightly lit room?

Our eyes are very good at becoming dark adjusted and what you see once you have been in the dark a while is really much darker to your Nokia 8. Although i agree the camera is in dire need of improvements sadly because of the f2 aperture it will never be great in low light.

It's true. Camera at night is hardly usable. I have a feeling that the whole phone starts to stutter if I use camera in dark environment.

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