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How to stop CP Client - New Provisioning message

Recently, I keep getting weird notifications from 'CP Client' saying 'New Provisioning' message with 3 options - Postpone, Delete or OK. I tried clicking on all these options for multiple times now, nothing happens and i cant do anything about it... i slide it to the right to get it out of my notifications, but it just comes back after a few minutes... and i keep getting these messages every now and then, usually 4 at a time.. this its really annoying and i'm worried if this might be a virus... what should i do to get rid of this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Tech Wizard

First make sure the phone is fully updated, both the OS and all built-in apps (in Play Store > My apps). This is best done over WiFi.

Please refer to your mobile operator/carrier if the error persists.

A replacement SIM card may be required.

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