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US model Time Zone Wrong after Feb 2018 Oreo Update

The problem started after the Feb 2018 monthly update to OREO installed on a US model Nokia 6 (2017). If you reset the phone entirely, setup the phone as NEW, data connect thru the Sim card to your carrier, and decline the Google account login, the Nokia 6 will repeatedly give you a pop-up notification message error for Google Play that never ends, and the handset time is 3 hours ahead of your local time. I am Pacific time zone so the phone sets itself to Eastern Time zone automatically. This is unlike any regular Android phone in history I have ever had, including a Nexus 5X that is on Oreo Feb 2018 by Google updates. You can do a handset reset again and again on the Nokia 6. Of course you can turn-off the auto set time zone and force/set manually the time zone, but you shouldn't have to do that. Only if you log-in with your Google account will the time zone correct itself. Is there a way to get a complete firmware re-image just in-case the Feb 2017 update Oreo didn't update correctly? Has anybody else in the United States experienced this issue?
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