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Duplicate search hits in phone app

Since 8.1 when I start the Phone-app and search for contacts to dial I always get duplicates in the result.

It seems that one result is including the spaces in the phone number (as they are saved in my Google Contacts) and one without spaces within the numbers. Example +358501234567 or +358 50 123 4567

My guess is that this problem is related to the installation of WhatsApp. I think one listing is for Google Contacts (with spacing) and the other for WhatsApp (without spacing). If i edit one of my contacts in Google Contact and remove the spacings, the duplicate also disappears.

But, I don't want to edit hundereds of my contacts phone-numbers. Especially since formatting with spaces is a correct standard and also much easier to read.


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I was going to say they aren't duplicates though thanks to the spacing, however i have just tried it and do not get any numbers replicated spaces or not, i just get a single entry per number.

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