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WIFI dropping

I keep getting notifications about WiFi has no internet connection available but every thing else in my house is still connected . This has started since Oreo update. I've reset internet in settings and I have also done a factory reset . Any help would be appreciated

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I`m having the exact same issue. Does anyone have a fix or workaround? 

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Same problem encountered in my nokia 8.  Is it anyway related to H/w?  My phone is relatively new, came with Android 7, but I upgraded to 8 and 8.1 within day and a month of purchase.

Check your router settings, disable short gi (which stands for guard interval) it causes problems if you are using multi mode WiFi. Most routers are setup to support all WiFi types by default, if you don't need the older WiFi technologies disable them and set it to ac only. Also if you didn't know the Nokia 8 has been plagued with a WiFi bug from the very first firmware that was ever released, I doubt it is Nokia's fault and more likely down to the supplied Qualcomm drivers. After around a week of uptime it has a habit of crashing, you'll notice the connection drops if you are not right on top of your router and the throughput is terrible meaning websites take forever to load. Only fix is to reboot the phone.
I have a Fritz box router , I think I have sorted it (?) . I set my access has being unrestricted at first , I think that this was giving me dropouts. I changed the settings to standard access and I haven't noticed any more dropouts since . Thank you for your support

Not sure it is anything to do with router as my Samsung Note 4 is working without issues while connected to the same router.  Google for this issue brings up stories from of folks who have encountered similar issues in Oreo 8.1 on Google phones.  Could be firmware related or Oreo 8.1 related.  

Other devices may work perfectly fine, it's down to the WiFi driver on the device. Nokia 8 WiFi driver is known not to like short gi. You may also be running into another bug to do with Google play services which can literally crash your router due to it looking for Chromecast devices on the network. If you enroll as a beta tester for Google play services this particular bug is fixed.
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