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March Security Update and Camera Pro App Update

Hello all, in February Nokia 8 received the security update very early and I'm hopeful Nokia will improve on that. Today is 5th March 2018 and how many of you have received the March 2018 Google Security Patch Update? Also, when actually shall we expect the Pro Camera App and Android one update as promised by Nokia at the MWC 2018? It's long I saw @Anna or any moderators respond to issues raised on this forum. Hope Nokia is not trying to keep us in the dark or is the brand waiting to sell plenty quantities of the Nokia 8 Sirocco before fulfilling its promise especially on camera that it made since last year? Nokia should not attempt to make its customers and fans to see Juho Sarvikas as a Lier. We need the Pro Camera update specifically now. It must have been tested on Oreo OS since it is installed on Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7 Plus so Nokia has no excuse to delay pushing the update to Nokia 8.

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The March patch isn't even available on Pixel devices, blimey give Nokia a chance mate.

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Per previous history, Nokia takes ~ 10 days after the security patches rolls out from Google. This is the time taken to test it on devices before shipping. I would rather wait for a tested patch than a hurried patch which would break the phone. I have read somewhere that Pro cam will be released to all phones only when Sirocco hits the public, so it may not come this month. Hope I am wrong.
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