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Stuck on Beta 8.1 for Nokia 8 - Support useless

Hello - it was a pleasure to be part of the 8.1 beta test. I happily filled feedback with the constant notification on the screen, I accepted that I have video playback issues and the memory management isn't perfect. It's a beta, right? Now my girlfriend has the proper version on her Nokia 8 for nearly a month. I'm stuck on the buggy beta version - and in the support chat I'm being brickwalled by an incompetent agent who tells me 8.1 is the latest version and I am on it, so that's it. He seems unaware that there even was a beta program. So how do I get off the beta version and onto the proper full version? It is very frustrating. Can anyone help, please?
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Settings>System>System update>Update. If the above doesnt help try rolling back out of beta and then try the step above.
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