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Two major concerns: Spotify pause mode / sound battery full

I have two major problems with my Nokia 8 device and I am interested if you are affected by it. 

  • The first problem is music playback via Spotify. This switchafter a while into the pause mode. This is very annoying when jogging. Often when receiving a Whatsapp message. But not always. This also happens to me with other audio playback apps like Amazon's Audible. (both apps can use as much battery power as they want). 

  • The second problem is the sound "battery full" after charging. This is of course at night. Then it whistles about every five minutes. You can't do that in the bedroom!

I used to have a Samsung device. And I must say, I've never had such problems with that. Too bad. Because if you can't solve that, the Nokia will goes away. 

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