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after updating my phone to 8.1.0 volume raises when I connect my earphones.

When I connect my earphones to my Nokia 8, the music\video pauses and when I play it, there is a drastic increase in volume than the regular. It's so annoying I can't take it anymore and I removed my headphones immediately. It was that loud with so much of noise in it. I tried many times and it keeps happening even after resetting my phone. Same thing happens with YouTube videos as well. When I'm watching a video with external phone speakers and if I try to connect my headphones, the video gets paused and when I click on play it plays for 3 sec and then pauses automatically. When I hit play again, it plays with a super worse loud sound. Did anyone have the similar issue ? Is it headphone jack issue or the Oreo update issue ?

When I connect to Bluetooth volume changes too. I assume however that the last volume setting of "connected to ear phones" is used since other device, headphones, stereos and such require different volume. I assume this also actually makes sense. Do you have a loud setting usually for your plugged speaker?
I didn't try for a Bluetooth actually. case here is. If I play through phone speaker and then try to connect the jack, the media pauses. When I hit play, the sound was perfect like the way it used to be. But after 3 - 5 sec media pauses on its own and if I play it again, the volume changes it's more like a flat loud sound horrible to listen even for a sec.
Ok that I don't have. Sometimes my player stops but I think that has to do with some messed up energy saving options. Sorry. Can't help.
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