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Pathetic update service

So it seems the rapid update delivery was a hollow promise. I have two Nokia 6 units. One of them is on the Oreo Beta with 5th December 2017 security patch and the other is on Nougat with the 1st January 2018 security patch. It’s the 7th of March 2018, so where are the updates? The last set of updates was delayed more than 20 days too.

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Update manually

Or how about Nokia just fix the system. It seems to be pretty broken, and there are non-stop complaints about delayed/missing updates on this forum. Either that, or their update delivery infrastructure is grossly inadequate, and the insane delays are due to them dribbling the updates out to balance load.

I shouldn't have to screw around updating manually. It's inconvenient, and I've read reports of manual updating permanently breaking automatic delivery.

One of Nokia's main selling points for this generation of phones was update service, and it never said anything about having to manually update.

@HeavyHorses - absolutely right. Have a TA1033 still on 1 Jan patch.
I have first the beta december/januari...later reset my phone . From reset direct receive the orea and februari update . A couple dat ago I ..receive the March update . Everething goes good on my old 6 TA1033

 I updated mine to Oreo last month by swapping my sim for an O2 one from my EE sim successfully. and this morning my Nokia 6 (TA 1033) updated itself to the March security patch. I am in the UK. Nick

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