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Nokia6 is Not compatible with Vodafone 4G

 Nokia6 is Not compatible with Vodafone 4G

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Really? That seems highly unlikely. How did you reach that conclusion? Which country? What problems did you experience (if you tried it)?

I am from Pune,India.

I checked same SIM with different device(Same location) and its working fine.

I contacted to customer care of service provider, they also replied that Nokia handset is not compatible with Vodafone 4G.

Inam using nokia 6 for three months with vodafone 4g lte. No problem till now. Nokia TA-1021 Kerala, India

 It's working no doubt.

 But did you checked 4G speed?

 For me also it's working, but with Nokia 6 speed is around 1mbps and with other device it's around 9mbps.

Download 7.02Mbps Upload 5.76Mbps

Oh, Then it may be a individual device problem.

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