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No tethering....why?

Please please can anyone give me a better answer than "wait for next system upgrade" as to why my fantastic Nokia 8 that hasn't disappointed from the moment I bought it just before Xmas, can't tether to my other devices. Have rummaged around the internet looking for a fix for this problem, finding that I'm not alone with exactly same problem. You know my dad used to say "if it's not broken don't fix it" come on Nokia please make a Nokia fan happy again:-(
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This isn't Nokia's fault, it works fine for me on Tesco mobile here in the UK, it's down to your service provider, they are the ones who are stopping it working. However their is a workaround, it involves you using the command line in adb to change a setting which will make it ignores what your provider has set. The answer is in these very forums:
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