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Compact variant with identical bezel less design & specifications?

Nokia 7 plus, a Gorgeous Smartphone! Great work HMD Global!

Why not a compact variant with same design and specs for this smartphone? Nokia 7 is not available for India. Again have to wait to buy a good phone with the specifications which we really need to have. Like 4.7" - 5" screen. I hope HMD Global is hearing us.

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We want a better compact mid-range smartphone with reduced bezels but without notch. The notch is disturbing the eyes. If the phone's height is less than 140mm and hardware specs same as nokia 7 plus or better with dedicated sd card slot will be better to own. Nokia 5 is my first ever smarphone. I like the design and build quality. Now its time for the upgrade based on my need. Waiting so long to upgrade with better phone. I can't pick the following smartphone from nokia, I understood that nokia 7 is designed for china exclusive. So what about other countries? N7+ is not compact, no dedicated sd card slot, no support for dual volte. N6.1 have bigger bezels(phones costs less than N6.1 are with bezel less display & dual camera), no dedicated sd card slot. N8 sirocco is not in my budget :-O If there is no way to provide the dedicated sd card slot then give us 128gb variant atleast and Dual volte support is essential.

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