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Hello i am from india, i own a TA-1021 nokia 6 (2017), when the phone was running nougat the battery was at its best had no problem upto december 31st when update for oreo rolled out officially on 30th jan,i got it immediately ,the phone still ran good even and battery performance increased(v5.220)but then about 14th feb i received oreo firmware update( v5.22A)with feb security update..which came with a lot of bugs ...such as hissing sound from speakers,heavy battery drain ,performed factory reset,cleared cache...then performed hard reset..from recovery but it was of no use..i want to roll back to nougat with december 5 patch..or to oreo jan 1 a clean install...and i am not looking to upgrade from now on....WITHOUT ROOTING as it is only three months since i purchased it...don"t want to void its warranty.

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Hey if I update Android Oreo v5.220 will it work fine?
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