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Disabling Unicode (UTF-16) char set for SMS?

If SMS message has at least one unicode character which is not in the GSM char set, then one SMS message length becomes only 70 charcacters. On the original N3310 it was possible to use e.g. Croatian menu language but not to use Croatian language for typong SMS messages. Now with the new N3310 if Croatian menu language is used then I can not disable entering special Croatian characters. I can disable T9 dictionary but I am still getting special characters when pressing buttons which is very annoying.

For example, normal letter order on button 3 is: 'D, E, F, 3, other characters', but I am getting: 'D, Đ, E, F, ...'. There are other Croatian letters too (Č, Ć, Ž, Š, Đ) which disturb the typing that most users are using for years and there should be a way to disable Croatian input scheme and use English input scheme whidh is standard. The problem is - by selecting the English dictionary the phone activates T9 as well, which is not what most users need. The users need to be able to use English input scheme for typing the messages in Croatian language.

The only way for using English input scheme for entering Croatian (or some other language) messages is to use English menu language but with old N3310 it was possible to use Croatian menu language and to disable special unicode characters when typing SMS messages.

That option is necessary because of both avoiding increased cost (because one unicode SMS has only 70 characters) and because users don't want to learn a new typing sheme they are using for years.

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