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Nokia 3 Video can't record

Hi Everyone,

I am using Noka 3 mobile with beta version android 8. I have noticed in my camera app, can't able to record video. Since then, I have planned to roll back to Android 7.1 stable version for Nokia 3. Hope this feedback help your before going for Andrioid 8 upgradation. Also developers please fix the issue. I have posted already the same in Feedback app.


Teja S

Well done my friend, the truth is I did not notice this problem. I too have the same problem...
If you have a new camera interface. Drag left over the image button. Video cameras will appear.
Nokia 3 can record video. Only issue is difficulty in changing from photo to video mode in camera app. Camera UI lags.
No, it does not work! Makes the following message: Camera operation is interrupted repeatedly ...
Does your phone have latest camera app v 8.0? If not, uninstall old camera app v 6.0. Automatically new camera app version 8.0 will be installed. Try recording video with new camera app version 8.0 and share your observations here.
If camera app v 8.0 is already installed and not working properly, try clearing data and app cache and also reset default settings. This should help.
Just now i noticed.. It shows the message CAMERA HAS STOPPED while recording videos..
Thank you all very much for your answers. @ user1519723212153 I followed the instructions and the camera works perfectly. Be well my friend!

 Nokia 3 oreo update camera dont work give error, but if i install "open camera" it work only in camera mode, if i try video call dont work.

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