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Wich is the best Android for nokia 5?

When I bought my Nokia 5 in February, I made an upgrade to Oreo 8.0 almost immediately. Then after all kind of issues (streaming background apps getting closed after 30 minutes, sms issues, etc) I made a downgrade to Nougat 7.1.1 and all my problems finally was fixed. My question is, with the last updates, is now Oreo good enough? Still is Nougat better? If is Nougat better, wich version is the best? At the moment I have disabled all the automatic updates because the fear to get an issue, but at the same time I want to try the new features of the last Android version. Should I stay or should I go? :p

Stay for 7.1.1. nougat for good Bro. 8.0.0. always sucks. But by the way? How did you downgrade your phone? Shall I go to Nokia Care Center and let them fix it? Or just do the Factory Reset? Please reply.
I'm on Oreo latest security patch from March and yup still RAM management issues. Have to turn phone off every couple of days to get temporary fix. Heard 7.1.1 is pretty good though. How did you rollback?
Hey guys, I followed the instructions from a good man on XDA developers forum. It was a bit tricky at the beginning, but finally I made it. Then I turn off all the updates, so now I currently have 7.1.1 with june 2017 update (or july I'm not very sure).

Tech Wizard

7.1.2 is good too.

Just check if 7.1.1 can keep applications in background for long and stick with it !

7.1.1 keeps applications really long in the background till you decide to close them.I usually keep the dialler,SMS WhatsApp running in the background without a noticeable slow down in other areas. Why those 3 apps ?I use them quite often on a daily basis. I too wanted to upgrade to Android 8 but kept on hearing about the RAM issues , which was my biggest concern. Going by this forum and others 7.1.1 is the best right now for the Nokia 5.
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