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Notifications muted, restart required...

On 8.1, after disabling "Don't Disturb", in random cases the audio of Notifications stops coming out, a restart is required to fix

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I have the same problem on Nokia 5, no sound at all after enable/disable 'do not disturb' mode. Only 'soft reset' helped.

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Wa there any solution to this? I have the same issue with my Nokia 8. Ringing sounds are gone after a while and only return after a soft reset or reboot.

My Nokia 5 also had same problem... Something my alarm, notification and call don't make any sound... Only vibrate... Anyone can help?

I’m not happy at all with my Nokia 8 after Oreo 8.1 upgrade, Dot notification is not working there is no Dot and no counter for any kind of notification (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook,.....) also notification sound is not coming for all. 


I have reset factory my Nokia 8 5 times since I bought it, then I did a downgrade to Android 7 I noticed there is no such issues, all notifications where coming properly with counter dot on each icon.


But there was a ready update only waiting for a restart, I tried to not restart my device but it happened and I’m now again suffering of very bad Mobile Nokia 8 with latest Android is my worse thing I did in my life


Need your help urgently

After april security patch update reset phone in safe mode. I am one of the victim in this issue. And now i am enjoying my phone. Thank you

Even i m feedup with this no notification sound issue on 8.1. missing my important notification. I m done with Nokia. Finally changing with other brand.

The latest firmware improved this significantly, not completely fixed yet though...
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