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Will this phone get Android 9.0 P and Android 10.0 Q 2018/2019 updates

Will this phone get two major updates like last Nokia 6, Android 9.0 P and Android 10.0 Q yes I know it will probably be Q.

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Nokia phones running android will be likely to have two year OS updates and three year security updates, take into account that from now 2018 nokia hmd will be adopting Android One program which make easier to address that kind of questions more easily. In 2016-2017 HMD said their android phones will be running up to date, fast, secure, up to date, clean UI but never said for how long (it is obvious android phones will not be able to run the latest OS from google due to technical reasons and market manufactures do need to sell upgrading them forever does not make sense from a profit point of view)

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