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Will this phone get Android 9.0 P and Android 10.0 Q 2018/2019 updates

Will this phone get two major updates like last Nokia 6, Android 9.0 P and Android 10.0 Q yes I know it will probably be Q.

Nokia phones running android will be likely to have two year OS updates and three year security updates, take into account that from now 2018 nokia hmd will be adopting Android One program which make easier to address that kind of questions more easily. In 2016-2017 HMD said their android phones will be running up to date, fast, secure, up to date, clean UI but never said for how long (it is obvious android phones will not be able to run the latest OS from google due to technical reasons and market reasons...phone manufactures do need to sell devices...so upgrading them forever does not make sense from a profit point of view)

I believe it could go beyond that due to Project Treble. However, this will be heavily dependent on Qualcomm.

Android one updates for these Nokias will come directly from Google to the device. Sure, a cheap "Android one" device from a few years ago may have been underwhelming. The Nokia 6.1 however is going to receive Android 9.0 "P" shortly after release. The Nokia 6.1 at $380 NZD it's roughly $700 less than a Google pixel which also gets updated directly from Google. The Nexus 6 I replaced with the Nokia 6.1 is virtually identical to navigate. The Samsung A8 I brought a couple of months earlier for the other half has an unnecessary Samsung skin over Android and it's still yet to receive Android Oreo almost a year after release. The A8 is a very good phone with water resistance and better screen, but it should be as it's a lot more expensive than the Nokia 6.1 and if the Nokia 6.1 had arrived in time then the Samsung A8 simply would not have been purchased. With Nokia and Samsung both along with Sony delivering the majority of the not Chinese controlled Androids I'm more than happy to buy what is essentially a Pixel phone for a lot less than a Pixel, albeit with slightly inferior camera and processor. Android "Go" phones and phones dependent on Samsung, etc to update are now the phones to avoid, those phones will receive less certain updates. I'd quite happily consider an Android one phone from Nokia, Sony or Samsung and I'm hoping it comes to tablets. It's certainly not AOSP Android!
Nokia 5 Android Q

Don't think so. Guaranteed 2 major versions. For the Nokia 5 that will be O and P. But, maybe you're lucky.

The way updates have been going for the Nokia 6.1, other phones will already be testing Android Q by the time we get it.

I have no problems with the updates. Since April, every month a security update.

Hi@max H I also don't have problems but we agree hmd can optimise this phone more like camera stops and quality of image processing,,they also can increase efficiency and minimise battery drain this can be done through kernel updates and tweeks on the CPU profile and also power usage by apps ,,they also can improve software update distribution to be at least first two weeks of every month instead of 24th to 26th of the last three months and the trend is going on to August which will be the 4th month !!the Fon works okay only issue I have is updates not always on time or even kernel updates which shud be done when issuing M.R bundled into firmware + ROM updates !!!

Probably to busy with releasing new models and/or Android P..... 

New models yes ,,but P!!!that's a pipe dream ,,if they release well and good if they don't do it now then we don't have disappointment koz it was expected for the delays

Well, I still have faith in HMD in this one :-)

Hey @maxH do you think android 9.0? will come this August??or November ??or stretched next year April ??

September/October at last (I hope).   

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