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Why change from windows to andr

I have always loved the Nokia windows operating system it was bright colourful slick easy to use and never crashed. I can’t believe you have gone over to android. The android operating system isn’t as powerful or as good as the windows operating system. All android operating system and phones crash and sticks. And I no this from personal experience and a lot of people agree and have had the same problem so why have you gone over to android it just makes no sense. The Nokia lumier 800 was the best phone around at the time of it coming out. So why go over to android.? I no you can bring out a phone that can over take all of the phones out now. If you go back to windows. And bring out more apps for it. You already have the most powerful camera in the world for a phone. You just have to get everything else right with the phone. Eye recognition and voice recognition to open the phone instead of face recognition. It’s a lot better and with this you will be able to create the best phone ever. Please consider what I’m saying. I will even help you design it??

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Microsoft killed the old Nokia phone brand (they bought the business from Nokia) in a $7.5B failure. Current Nokia phones are produced by a completely new and unrelated company, HMD, who licensed the brand from Nokia after MS lost the right to use it. Secondly, MS have discontinued development of Windows Phone/Mobile, the platform itself is dead.
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