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Nokia 9 design

I was surfing in the net and I saw your next phone's leaked design and I gotta say guys be careful with that notch in next couple of months we are going to see screen-underneath cameras and when this happens that notch will be a history. And besides I prefer a good double stereo system to that notch. Please don't add any notch to the Nokia 9 (you could add it to Nokia 8 pro -as another device-)

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The notch is a bad idea i don't want to follow this trend there are far better way to increase screen are and notch is totally ugly implementation it's such a same to copy things from iphone nokia never did that in history they copied things from nokia please listen to us don't go with notch and guys if you want to increase screen area then implement a very small circle on corner of the screen for front camera and ultrasonic proximity sensor

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Notch must never see the light in any HMD product. Many apple fans and some Chinese brands do thing the notch is the thing...however in my opinion it is awful, unnecessary...and goes against nokia's outstanding scandinavian made in finland design. Please HMD do not follow the NOTCH trend

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