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My ideas about the new Nokia phones

İt's been a quite busy year for you guys; you came back to market and opened a clean page with the Android ecosystem; it's nice to see that you are doing fine. İ was using your phones since the first time I used a phone I used 3310, 1208, 2700, and Nokia c601 and Lumia 925(just for it's a Nokia model i hate WP thanks to Ms ) All of your devices given good memories to me and I'm using a Nokia 6 (2017) right now, I bought it after my Lumia got malfunctioned, I was waiting for your next flagship phone. Actually I would buy Nokia 8 but it was lacking at stereo system and as a person who loves watching the movies on smartphone stereo speakers are a top priority for me. So I want to buy your next flagship device if it will have the specs that I need. What I need on a smartphone is a good chipset which the next flagship of yours is going to carry the snapdragon 845 so there's no problem for me about that. I listen to music on my phone a lot so having a headphone jack is essential for me (it fits the phone sui as well :D ) And talking about the audio Nokia 9 must have double stereo speakers on the front (the reason for me to buy Nokia 6 was it's stereo system and Dolby Atmos) please put 2 stereo speakers that slightly bigger than the one Nokia 6 has (if it will be 50% bigger than Nokia 6 speaker it will be more than enough for me) and they should have Dolby Atmos and thx support. Audio hardware is the half of the premium audio quality; Nokia 9 should have a good equalizer that similar to Asus laptops Maxx audio program. One of my favorite things that I used on the old phones was glance screen; I used it first on my Nokia c601 and on Lumia 925, it's way better than a notification LED; LED can only show one notification but glance screen can show all of them and even more; with the Nokia sleeping screen app I was able to costumize the glance screen, it was one of the best specs of old models Lumia 925 had this spec too at least partially, I was able to put images on the background. So what I want to say your next phone should have the revamped version of Nokia sleeping screen; the always on screen that Android has right now is just a beginner version of the old app if you can add your old app to your next phone I will be glad. As for the camera I'll leave it to you guys; you guys know how to do that better than anyone. And as I read on the internet you guys trying to increase the screen to body aspect by putting a notch; please please don't add any kind of notch on the screen, it may seem effective now but it will look ugly when the screen-underneath cameras came out which I think we are going to see them in next year's mwc. Just keep the upper bezel minimal (actually you guys should see the concept creator's Nokia 8 pro-10 concept on the YouTube; it looks great you could use a similar design to that, I'm not saying that you should use that design but it has very good upper and lower bezels on the front and besides that design is based on the leaks of Penta lens smartphone of yours so please don't ruin that design with an ugly notch) Many people complains about the prices of phones (especially for Nokia 8 sirocco) well smartphone development and manufacturing is definitely not an easy job so I think your phones deserve the price that they have but please Do not drop good specs from your phones like stereo speakers. And one little thing; can you guys upgrade the material that you used in the boxes of your phones; they are looking good but feels like a little bit cheap. I'm not saying that you should use the same box that Samsung using (the boxes of s8_9 is contains a lot of paper) just use a material that similar to Lumia models' boxes has.

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Lots of great suggestions!

Please in future could you break your posts into paragraphs? It would make them much easier to read, thanks :)

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very good ideas...maybe you can post your inputs in a less dense way...readers could avoid reading it due to the fact the way is was posted....a shame indeed since those ideas are very good

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