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Music player shuts itself after 30 minutes

  Tried everything. Different Music apps, clear cache, system, app. Soft, hard reset, over wireless, wired phones. Music app always stops and shuts after 30-35 minutes of playing for no reason. Weird, weird.

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It is an Android problem not a Nokia one, everyone is stuck until Google fix it sadly.


It is an Android problem not a Nokia one, everyone is stuck until Google fix it sadly.

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Tech Wizard

For what it is worth, I had the issues where the music player crashed and Bluetooth turned itself off after the Oreo update. A couple of soft resets and using the phone in safe mode for some hours sorted out both issues for me, a month ago.

All apps except Power saver (and those that won't) is battery optimized.

All apps are white-listed for background activity.

I hope it is sorted out for all soon.



I have this problem too.

However I cannot accept that it is an android problem because only Nokia owner are suffering the ploblem.

Come on Nokia, get it sorted.

Just found out it also happens to any radio app playing in the background when screens locks player will stop in 30 minutes. Some customers blame Oreo some others Nokia so it's nobody's fault. As a result, We users pay the price.

Is it still not fix? I havent try mine

I too am still having 30 minute related issues. For me, listening to music via the FM Radio or PocketCasts will continue to work, but the apps that I use to record workouts (Strava and Fitbit) and the app Life360 all get killed off at some point. It seems Fitbit will have its bluetooth connection killed off, but Strava and Life360 i will find in the logs as having been killed by the doze service (com.evenwell.powersaving.g3). 

I'm all for great battery life (which Doze helps provide) but this is a little aggressive. 

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